Shabby Chic Decorating Ideas

It can be challenging for many homeowners and apartment dwellers to decorate an interior (or exterior) space because it requires a lot of creativity. In addition, it may be easier to select large items, like appliances, sofas or paint colors – but when it comes to smaller decor items, people get stuck.

The interesting thing is that many times, smaller furnishings like cushions, wall art or table lamps can often create the feel and look of a room more than the larger furniture pieces. If you can learn some simple basics of interior decorating in a shabby chic style, the process becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

First, artistic paint styles can work wonders on furniture, picture frames, coffee tables and even appliances. Many people have turned to chalk or chalkboard paint when creating faux finishes in the shabby chic style because it’s easy to work with and gives a casual, relaxed look to furniture pieces. It can also be partially sanded to create a weathered or worn look, popular in shabby chic design.

Second, small decor items can add a lot to an otherwise dull or boring space. The key is to incorporate colors, styles and items that match your interests. Which shabby chic, you are essentially combining lots of unique things to create your own personalized style.

Don’t be afraid of garage sales, thrift stores or other used items. These pieces can often have some great character and charm. Plants can also add color and style without much cost.

Third, rugs are a huge part of what can make or break an area. Lots of rugs are now offered which provide a crotched border or other distinct stitching that brings in an enjoyable feel to the area. These little pieces suffice to brighten up any area and tie it all in together.

Fourth, a few of the simplest things you can do to an area just to bring in that feel of worn-out elegant is just including some drapes. Floral curtains, light colors, or sophisticated drapes are a simple way to sprinkle in the shabby trend. Drapes can be a big part of a space, and can easily end up being a focal point.

Fifth, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on larger furniture items. Yes, you can buy them used at discounted prices, but don’t shy away from inexpensive sofas, indoor-outdoor loungers and chairs that you can re-style with your own fabric, paint, cushions or throws. It can be surprising at how much of a difference these smaller accent items make.

When you come to a crossroads or have difficulty making a decision, look at shabby chic design photos, either online or in books. These can be a great help in decision making and providing new ideas – especially when you are working with a blank slate!

Also consider cheaper versions of the real thing. For example, electric fireplace stoves are charming and classic. They are also inexpensive and can heat a 400 square foot room. “Whereas a wood or gas freestanding stove fireplace can cost over $1,000 including installation costs, the electric version doesn’t require any installation at all, keeping its cost low – at around $100-$150!” source: Mikeala Jamison at

Last but not least, for those that have the ability to afford to spend lavishly a little can just paint your cabinets (however could not be able to afford splurging on an entire brand brand-new set of cabinets). Numerous hardware shops feature paint specifically for kitchen areas.

In addition, these shops can also help you when picking colors and textures. A change as basic as painting cabinets white, and providing a splash of blue inserts can totally change the space.